Mona Thorton

Mona Thorton, Community Member, Poudre Valley School District

Mona is a lifelong resident of Fort Collins which provides her a unique perspective in understanding the various factors that drive projects based in her home town. Mona earned her BFA from Colorado State University majoring in Interior Design with minors in Art history and Literature. She has also earned a Masters degree from Colorado State University focusing on sustainable design and sense of place. Mona has worked for numerous design and architecture firms in Fort Collins, Denver, and Portland Oregon on large public space projects, including the Denver Convention center, and private spaces including residential dwellings and gardens. She and her husband recently designed and built their own near-net zero home on old town Fort Collins. She has worked for Art in public places through the city of Fort Collins as well as been on the board of directors of various non-profits where she has worked on community development projects both locally and internationally.  A love of travel drives her to seek and understand unique places and bring that knowledge and passion to bear on the projects she undertakes.