Urban Confluence

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Hide the Track, Not the Train

Off the Rails Design Competition: The train running through the middle of Fort Collins is a unique and challenging urban condition that, if designed properly, can co-exist well with residents and become an urban feature that reinforces the identity and history of the city. As in nature, the confluence of ecosystems brings a rich and diverse natural habitat, so it is in cities, the intersection of multi-modal users poses an opportunity to create a vibrant urban space.

This proposal seeks to do this using the following methods:

1. Add a landscape screen on both sides of the track
2. Design the landscape to reflect the identity of the city
3. Select plantings that promote ecological sustainability
4. Use clear graphics & special characters for multi-user ease of wayfinding
5. Reduce noise pollution with innovative use of natural materials
6. Activate the landscape
7. Create public spaces that foster social inclusivity & economic vitality
8. Provide dynamic signage to inform residents of train traffic

Benjamin Albertson
-Fort Lee, NJ

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