Local Motion

off the rails contest local motion

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Local Motion

Off the Rails Design Competition: Local motion proposes to introduce a ribbon-like element, comprised of vertical timber members to create identity for the district, referencing both historical and contemporary culture. Its articulation is parametrically generated, addressing the needs for privacy, public engagement, train visibility, safe circulation, and pollution mitigation.

Local Motion’s formulation intends to optimize sound reduction to a comfortable level, maintaining visual and auditory connection with passing trains, yet is restrained at cross streets, accommodating vehicular and train circulation.

Additionally, the project proposes an additional stop light at the intersection of Mason and Myrtle to safely control bi-directional pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular traffic. It is believed that this exchange for outdoor public space will benefit the corridor with increased pedestrian and cyclist traffic. This will be achieved by creating a series of enriched spaces for outdoor public use, and as a result, local motion will create a rich and memorable street, expressive of the culture and place of Fort Collins.

Christopher Powell, Jesse Ledin, & Kyle Hoehnen
-Denver, CO

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