Mason Street Community Garden

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Mason Street Community Garden

Off the Rails Design Competition: Mason Street Community Gardens proposes an armature of production, organized around the holistic cultivation of community resources. Perhaps the most important resource to a vibrant, local streetscape is the fostering the pedestrian presence. Preserving not only adequate sidewalk access, but also protection for crossing multi-modal transit paths are critical to convincing the residents that their neighborhood is walkable.

Largely through the redistribution of existing planted space, new raised beds can supply more than a network of dedicated, protected bike lanes, but acreage for food production via a new community garden, complete with trees, bushes, and perennial crops. These new plantings can be paired with a deployment of sunken bioswales whose rain gardens can increase the variety of habitats and collect stormwater runoff.

  • Biking: 3,300 LF.
  • Farming: 100 Trees
  • Walking: 4,850 SF.
  • Water: 67,350 GAL.
  • Tyler Caine
    -Astoria, NY

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